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Equally Well Test Sites

Equally Well is the Scottish Government's approach to tackling health inequalities. Equally Well was launched in June 2008, and progress was reviewed by the ministerial task force in 2010

Part of the approach included the work of 8 local test sites within Scotland. These sites aimed to redesign local services within existing resources, and share learning about what work's to improve people's health and other outcomes

Eight Equally Well Test Sites were established in Scotland in October 2008. The eight Test Sites were:

  • Dundee (Stobswell) - focusing on methods of improving mental wellbeing.
  • East Lothian - looking at health inequalities in early years in Prestonpans, Musselburgh East and Tranent. (This Test Site was later extended to include areas in Midlothian).
  • Fife (Templehall) - focusing on anti-social behaviour in relation to alcohol and under-age drinking.
  • Glasgow City - looking at integrating health into current and future city and local planning.
  • Govanhill, Glasgow - looking at community regeneration and development through the adoption of a neighbourhood management approach involving all key community planning partners.
  • Lanarkshire - focusing on sustained employment and supporting people to find decent work.
  • Rattray, Perth and Kinross - looking at delivering health inequality sensitive services in a rural setting for families and children with multiple and complex needs.
  • Whitecrook, West Dunbartonshire - targeting the high prevalence of smoking in the area.

ODS Consulting have now completed a national evaluation of the Equally Well Test Sites. This evaluation focuses on the generic service redesign for health inequalities learning from the full programme. This is in addition to the eight local evaluations carried out in each test site.

A communication plan is being finalised, which will include promotion of these learning points and approaches via routes such as presentations, conferences, email distribution, web distribution, distinct and bespoke products to help others adopt these approaches etc.