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Scottish Government Health & Employability Leaflet

The Health and Employability Delivery Group (HEDG) was established following discussions with NHS health managers. It was identified that there was a gap in the way health managers received information regarding employability and in how they linked to employability structures. There was no channel for NHS health managers involved in employability to meet together and take an active part in discussions around employability. The recent review of the Healthy Working Lives strategy, Health Works (November 2009) gave added impetus for the need for such a group where work is recognised as a key determinant of health.

The HEDG was established in December 2009 and is attended by NHS health managers from across Scotland whose remit includes employability activities. It is supported by the Employability and Health Manager from The Scottish Government's Employability Team and the Health and Work Partnership Manager from the Health Improvement Directorate in Scottish Government.. To find out more about the Health and Employability Delivery Group please contact Michelle Gibson, Employability and Health Development Manager  or 07919 298 123