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Services and support within each Local Authority, Jobcentre Plus or Health Board area.

Child Poverty Strategy

The Child Poverty Strategy for Scotland was launched in March 2011. It sets out plans to reduce levels of child poverty, and to ensure that as few children as possible experience any kind of socio-economic disadvantage.

The strategy has two clear aims:

  • To reduce the levels of child poverty by reducing income poverty and material deprivation; maximising household incomes and reducing the pressure on household budgets among low income families - using measures such as maximising the potential for parents to access and sustain good quality employment, and promoting greater financial inclusion and capability. And,

  • Improve children's wellbeing and life chances - with the ultimate aim being to break inter-generational cycles of poverty, inequality and deprivation. The Scottish Government will place particular focus on tackling the underlying social and economic determinants of poverty, and improve the circumstances in which children grow up - recognising the particular importance of improving children's outcomes in the early years.

On this page you can access

Vision statement: "Our vision is for a Scotland where no children are disadvantaged by poverty"