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- Employer Information

Fair Start Scotland is the Scottish Government's employment support service helping people towards real and sustained jobs. Participation in Fair Start Scotland is completely voluntary; participants are therefore engaged, have worked with specialists to develop their skills, are committed and are looking for work. Fair Start Scotland service providers work with employers to identify recruitment needs and can tailor pre work support as well as in work support to suit both employers and employees.

If you have vacancies to fill, Fair Start Scotland will:

·  help with your recruitment, including immediate staffing requirements; saving you time and money

·  help recruit a more diverse workforce that may offer a unique perspective and skills set to your organisation; developing an inclusive workforce that reflects the communities you serve, helping to make a difference whilst supporting the local community

·  help to identify any funding streams that maybe available towards supporting employees

·  provide in-work support, if required, to the employer and employee, for up to 12 months


If you would like to discuss how Fair Start Scotland participant might be part of your workforce of the future, please contact