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Volunteering and Employability

A fact that suprises many people about volunteering is just how many of us do it.

The Scottish Government's 2009 Scottish Household Survey shows that as many as 28% the adult population had formally volunteered at some time over that year. Even more staggering is that as much as another 42% of the population are involved at some time another in informal volunteering. So in total, around 3/4 of the population are involved in a form of volunteering at some time.

Formal volunteering is when you agree to volunteer for an organisation that requires a particular task or job to be done. Typically you might have to fill in an application form and/or have an interview to secure the position. Informal volunteering are activities like helping an elderly neighbour with their garden.

So volunteering is well entrenched in Scottish society and has been for many years.

Increasingly volunteering is regarded as a great activity to help people back into work. So what are the main employability benefits of volunteering?