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Good News Stories


Stephen joined the service in November 2020 with very little work experience. He was struggling with sleeping and it was amplified with underlying anxiety and depression.

Stephen didn't know where to look for work as many jobs required work experience or they were looking for skills he didn't have. The current pandemic and restrictions made it even more difficult to find the right job.

After joining Fair Start Scotland, Stephen and his Key Worker worked on vocational profiling to identify the right career path for him and the type of skills he could bring to a role.  His Key Worker quickly noticed that Stephen had great computer skills and he explained that he enjoyed building and repairing computers in his spare time. This helped his Key Worker create a CV focusing on his IT and electronic skills.

Stephen was surprised to find out that his hobby had given him so many transferrable skills that could be used in any job. With the help of his Key Worker, Stephen identified a job as a Technical Processor - a job perfect for Stephen as it suited his skillset.

Stephen was offered an interview and his Key Worker made sure he was fully prepared by doing mock interviews with him.

Stephen was absolutely delighted to be offered the Technical Processor position. He has now been in the role a month. He loves being in a routine and is looking forward to his first wage which will give him a better quality of life.


Kawsu moved to Scotland from Gambia after serving in the military for The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) peacekeeping in Sudan. Kawsu had little work experience in this country and was having issues securing interviews, he struggled with completing application forms and did not have a CV. 

Kawsu also struggled a little with the language as he found it difficult to understand the accent. Due to Kawsu's Visa he was unable to claim any benefit while he was here therefore it was important that he found a job quickly. 

Kawsu joined Fair Start Scotland and was supported by his Key Worker to produce a CV, highlighting all the transferable skills he had gained from peacekeeping in Sudan. He attended several training courses on how to complete application forms and interview preparation. He also attended several confidence building workshops as he had previously been unsuccessful at finding a job.

Kawsu's Key Worker supported him to set achievable goals in both his work and personal life through his action plan. As the support continued, Kawsu started feeling more and more prepared to start looking for work. He felt all the workshops and help from his Key Worker had prepared him well so together they began searching for the right job to suit his needs and skills.

Kawsu was invited to an interview and attended further interview preparation workshops to ensure he was ready for the interview. Kawsu was successful in securing full-time permanent employment with a warehousing firm.

Through his In-Work support, he advised his Key Worker he has taken part in lots of in-house training which makes him feel valued. Kawsu feels his turned his life around, he's sleeping better and feels that he is now giving something back.

Kawsu continues to be supported by his key worker through weekly calls to make sure he is well and making sure he is supported in his new role. 


Clare had to leave her supervisor role in retail as it was becoming too physically demanding for her. She has Hypermobility and Crohn's Disease and she was expected to lift heavy items up and down stairs while also working up to 50 hours a week. This had a very negative impact on her emotional and physical health.

Clare's confidence took a huge knock and she felt she could no longer work at the business. She wanted to move on to an office-based role that would allow her to help others who may be in her previous situation.

After joining Fair Start Scotland, Clare and her Key Worker worked together to create a new CV and cover letter for her, as she had gained many transferable skills that would benefit an office-based job. She also attended interview workshops and confidence building sessions to help gain back her self-belief and give her experience in an interview environment.

During their meetings they saw a role as a Job Coach for the Department for Work and Pensions that they felt Clare would be great for, as she matched many of the requirements. Clare was delighted and eager to apply. She was supported to fill out the application and accompanying documents.

Clare was supported to prepare for the interview by going over commonly asked questions, along with running mock interviews so that she would be comfortable in the setting.

The interview was a success and Clare was offered the role. She said: "I'm really appreciative of all the support I received on Fair Start Scotland. The coaching I received while on the service has given me the confidence I needed to apply for the job coach role, and that I was given excellent support throughout the recruitment, in terms of both the application and recruitment sessions. The service I have received from day one has been fantastic and has exceeded all my expectations. Everyone took the time to understand my needs as an individual and found a job perfect for me''