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2011 Census Data

The latest results from the 2011 Census in Scotland, published in September 2013, show that Scotland is becoming more ethnically and religiously diverse, with an increasing number of people who live in Scotland being born outside of the UK.

Some of the key points from the release, in relation to Ethnic Groups are:

  • Four per cent of people in Scotland were from minority ethnic groups - an increase of two percentage points since 2001.
  • The Asian population is the largest minority ethnic group (three per cent of the total population or 141,000 people) and has seen an increase of one percentage point (69,000) since 2001.
  • Just over one per cent (1.2 per cent or 61,000) of the population recorded their ethnic group as White: Polish. The cities of Edinburgh and Aberdeen had the highest proportions at three per cent of their total respective populations.
  • A 'White: Gypsy / Traveller' response category was added in 2011. There were 4,200 people who recorded their ethnic group in this category (0.1 per cent of all people in Scotland). The highest figure was in Perth and Kinross (400 people; 0.3 per cent of the total population of that area).
  • In Glasgow City, 12 per cent of the population were from a minority ethnic group, in City of Edinburgh and Aberdeen City it was eight per cent and Dundee City it was six per cent. These areas also saw the largest increases since 2001 in the proportion of their populations who are from minority ethnic groups.

For more detailed breakdown of the figures, please see the following statistical releases:

For more information on the September 2013 statistical release, please see the Scotland's Census website


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