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Strategic Group on Women and Work

The Women's Employment Summit in September 2012 considered the issues that hinder women's access to and participation in employment and identified actions that stakeholders and women themselves can take forward based on the feedback from the various commissions, panel and rural discussions.

Following this and the debate held in Parliament on 2 October 2012, the Minister for Youth Employment set up the Strategic Group on Women and Work (SGWW) to take forward actions and recommendations from the Summit and monitor implementation of agreed plans. The first meeting was held on 27 March 2013.

Since then the agenda has shifted, with an increased emphasis across SG on maximising economic opportunities for women in Scotland.

As a result the Group has been expanded and the remit revised as below.  The first meeting of the revised group was on 25 February 2015 and was chaired by the Minister for Youth and Women's Employment, Annabelle Ewing MSP.

The Remit of the SGWW:

The Strategic Group on Women and Work will maintain a strategic overview of the Scottish Government's approach to tackling the barriers women face in entering and progressing in the labour market.

Recognising the role not just of government but of society as a whole across Scotland, the group will work collaboratively and with partners to:-

  • Support the Scottish Government in the development of a statement of ambition with regard to women and work in Scotland which will include key priorities and actions;
  • Agree a range of outcomes/indicators relating to these priorities and actions on which SG will report and update SGWW accordingly;
  • Monitor the progress of the outcomes/indicators through evidence from stakeholders, service users and Scottish Government;
  • Support the Scottish Government to comment on and feedback to UK Government on reserved matters that affect women's access to and progression in employment;
  • Take direct action where possible to influence/implement policies on women and work in their workplace/sector;
  • Report annually on progress achieved and make recommendations to Ministers for further action with the support of SG officials; and
  • Inform the content of Ministerial updates to Parliament.


Name Organisation
Anne Anderson University of Glasgow
Professor Alice Brown    Scottish Funding Council
Professor Sara Carter Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship
Claire Telfer Save the Children
Ann Henderson STUC
Pauline Rourke STUC
Bonnie Clarke Badenoch and Clark
Jackie Erdman NHS
Debbie Miller Royal Bank of Scotland
Jenny Stanning Oil and Gas UK
Yvonne Strachan Deputy Director, Equalities Unit, Scottish Government
Caroline Stuart Oracle Scotland

Archived SGWW meeting papers from 2013 and 2014 can be found here

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