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Learning Materials

Within this section you'll find practical advice around capacity building, and training materials for both employability and non-employability staff.

This section includes dedicated guides and toolkits on subjects related to the workplace, with resources to assist employers with employee recruitment, retention and support. 

Throughout the world, a range of agencies - from governments, private companies and charitable organisations - are continually looking to enhance their support for people out of work. 

Resources to help develop and implement initiatives effectively linking opportunities and need, and to use Community Benefits as a means of increasing employability and training activity.

Measuring and managing performance, and the transparency with which this is done, is essential to improvement and efficiency, helping partnerships to identify and respond to performance issues and ensure that everyone gets the best possible service.

Partnership encompass a broad range of actions, behaviours and attitudes that serve to promote change, innovation, productivity and integration in a manner that delivers mutual gains. Developing effective partnerships can often necessitates changes in mindsets, relationships and working practices.

This section provides detailed examples of different services and delivery models including information on linking employability with other services, such as housing or finacial inclusion, and guides on strategy development.

Robust labour market information enables funders and providers of employability services to make more informed decisions about the opportunities and challenges in their areas.