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Breaking down Language Barriers

Improving Communication with ESOL Learners & Addressing Employability Issues

These materials were published in 2011, with teh aim of supporting the delivery of an ESOL and Employability Workshop. They focus on techniques which can be used to improve communication when dealing with non-native English speakers, while simultaneously identifying and meeting the employability needs of job seekers for whom English is not a main language.

The workshop materials include activities focused on analysing natural speaking patterns and the barriers this can pose to learners of English. The materials are complemented by activities aimed at improving communication with those who possess low levels of English language skills.

Tasks will be particularly relevant for public service workers, including employability advisors. The materials also provide an overview of ESOL learning programmes and qualification frameworks and link these to employability issues. This includes information on the relationship between differing levels of ESOL and how these affect the employability opportunities of individuals.

The training materials are intended to be delivered by ESOL providers to employability staff, in partnership with employability support agencies. Such a joint approach will allow ESOL providers and employability support agencies to maximise their expertise and provide opportunities for closer working arrangements.