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Community Capacity Building Toolkit

Community capacity building is an important part of community learning and development. It is one of three national priorities set out in Working and Learning Together (2004) - the Scottish Government policy statement on Community Learning and Development.

Community capacity building is becoming increasingly important, and this guidance aims to bring together existing guidance, and provide practical support for staff involved in community capacity building activity.

Who Is This Guide For?

This 2009 guidance is for staff involved in community capacity building. It gives practical advice about how to build community capacity; brings together existing materials and tools and provides examples of what others have done. This guide will be useful for most people working in the field of community capacity building - whether capacity building is the main focus of your work, or it is part of a much wider range of activities. You don't have to have capacity building or community learning and development in your job title to be doing community capacity building work. This guidance is for anyone working to build the collective ability of a community. We think that the guide will be most useful for people:

  • who are relatively new to community capacity building;
  • for whom capacity building is not the main part of their job;
  • who would like to know more about the principles, purpose and broad approaches to community capacity building; and/ or
  • who want to access resources to train others in community capacity building.

If you've worked in community capacity building for a long time and have developed an expertise in it, this guide might reinforce what you already know - rather than introducing new ideas and approaches. But you might find particular sections of it useful, to remind you or refresh your thinking in certain areas. Or you might use it as a starting point to access more detailed resources on specific aspects of capacity building. The guidance will also be a useful tool for training others.