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Employability Training for Health Professionals

For most people being in work is better for long term health than being unemployed, and that unemployment can severely damage health in the long term.

The review of the Healthy Working Lives Strategy, Health Works (December 2009), by the Scottish Government actions the NHS to ensure work is part of patient care plans. It identifies the need for effective linkages between health and employability services locally to help support people with health barriers to remain in or return to work.

As part of this a Health & Employability Training Pack was been created in 2010. The aim of the training is to raise awareness of the links between health and employability and to explore with healthcare staff ways of incorporating this into practice for the benefit of their patients/clients and to promote employability as a health improvement topic.

The training will be promoted by NHS Education Scotland and available here, for those areas that wish to host the training themselves.

NHS Ayrshire & Arran have been working with DWP to customise these training materials to deliver to staff within their own area. The attached presentation gives the outline of the training session which is currently being delivered locally.

NHS Grampian have developed a customised version of this training also. NHS Grampian have agreed to share their Health Works training presentation, their pre and post training questionnaires and their Health & Work patient flyer on the Employability in Scotland website, to share how they are approaching this in their own area.  They have also produced a Grampian Work and Welfare Support Prompt Sheet for staff which details different areas of support available.