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Homelessness & Employability Toolkit

This homelessness and employability toolkit was designed in 2011, to complement rather than replace existing employability toolkits and has been developed in recognition of the fact that people experiencing homelessness face additional barriers to employability.

The toolkit focuses only on those aspects that are specific to homelessness and is intended to be both a starting point and evolutionary in nature, being added to and amended as practice and research develops on a local and national basis.

The complex nature of homelessness means that homeless people can be in contact with a diverse range of people who can impact on their journey to work. The toolkit is intended to maximise the opportunity for positive interventions by these workers.

Those such as:

  • Health Professionals
  • Housing Workers
  • Criminal Justice Workers
  • Jobcentre Plus staff
  • Specialist support workers
  • Community learning providers
  • Statutory agencies

All of whom can play an influential part in the holistic approach required to effectively develop the employability of someone recovering from homelessness. The toolkit has been designed to:

  • Raise awareness of the specific barriers to employability faced by homeless people.
  • Offer practice based solutions to these barriers.
  • Reinforce the fact that service deliverers at all points of the journey to work spectrum can positively impact on a homeless persons‟ employability.

The toolkit encompasses the experience and practice of a range of agencies working across Scotland.