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Working with Minority Ethnic Clients to Promote and Progress Racial Equalities (2014)

This toolkit aims to give employability practitioners information to do this and to promote and progress racial equality in their services.

Research with employability projects has found employability advisers view equalities as a very important part of their work.

This section provides an overview of the minority ethnic Scottish population and how people from these groups are faring in the labour market.

People from minority ethnic communities can find it difficult to access employability services.

There are considerable differences in the characteristics and circumstances of people within and across different minority ethnic groups.

Minority ethnic clients will face many of the same barriers as other disadvantaged groups, using employability services including difficulties accessing childcare, being stuck in a benefits trap or having few skills and little employment experience.

Once barriers are identified action planning can take place to address barriers.

The section provides further information including useful organisations, further reading and references.