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Supporting Employability: A Co-ordinated Approach to Employer Engagement

Employer Engagement is a key priority across all areas in Scotland, in a variety of different contexts, and encompasses issues such as how we tailor the 'offer' to and the 'ask' of employers both nationally and locally.

The need to develop a more effective and integrated approach to employer engagement nationally and locally becomes even more of a necessity as we move into a very tight fiscal environment.

In June 2010 The Scottish Government arranged an event, chaired by Professor Alan McGregor (Director of Training and Employment Research Unit (TERU)/Professor of Economic Development University of Glasgow), to initiate the discussion and begin the process of effectively linking-up local delivery.

You can view the full event report here.

This was followed up in November 2010 with a further event, to continue dicussiona around this theme. You can view the full report from this follow up event here.