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The role of the public sector

The public sector has a key role to play in enhancing the local jobs supply and it is likely that public sector employers, including local authorities and the health service, can provide a range of jobs which are both realistic and appealing destinations for priority clients.

How to identify jobs within the public sector:

  • Identify HR personnel within public administration, education, health sector
  • Work with them to identify appropriate current and projected vacancies, i.e. those which may provide opportunities for priority clients
  • Identify the skills and personal attributes for these jobs
  • Understand current public sector recruitment practices and ways in which access to public sector jobs can be opened up for local priority clients
  • Help HR departments understand how they can provide stepping stones to jobs for priority clients.

The public sector is also a significant buyer of goods and services. Public sector organisations therefore have the opportunity to create employment and training opportunities through the use of Community Benefit clauses in its procurement contracts.