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Labour Market Information

Within this section you will be able to access labour market information and reports.

In March 2012 the Scottish Government's launched the Labour Market Information (LMI) Framework.  This collates available information in one place. It includes both labour market information (descriptive data such as statistics or survey results) and labour market intelligence (analysis, interpretation, conclusions and policy recommendations).

The vision of the LMI Framework for the future is one in which labour market information and intelligence

  • is robust, useful and easy to find;
  • is utilised by all relevant stakeholders and has high policy impact;
  • there is an increased understanding of skills issues - nationally, locally and by sector;
  • labour shortages and future training needs are clearly identified; and
  • there is improved productivity and sustainable economic growth.

Purpose of the Framework

The Scottish LMI Framework will

  1. Clearly identify current LMI provision in Scotland;
  2. Provide LMI users in Scotland with a common understanding of current provision and gaps; and
  3. Focus action to ensure LMI meets Scottish user needs.

Scotland's labour market intelligence and labour market data hubs

For labour market information, the main sources are the Scottish Government's Labour Market Briefing Papers and Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics Research on line (SDS) is Scotland's labour market intelligence hub, and 

The following websites also provide information on various aspects of the labour market in Scotland. Some are most useful for guidance professionals and labour market researchers, while others could be used by HE careers services' clients. Brief descriptions indicate the content to be found in these resources and the contexts in which they could be useful.

If you have a problem with the links above please go to or get in touch with Agcas Scotland directly.