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Labour Market Information

There are many sources of labour market information ranging from statistical databases to bespoke labour market reports. This page sets out the main sources that can be used to gain robust labour market information relating to Scotland and areas within Scotland.

Statistical Databases

  • NOMIS is the labour market statistics site of the Office for National Statistics. It holds a number of different statistical sources including JSA Claimant Count data, DWP claimant statistics, Annual Population Survey, Mid-Year Population Estimates. Up to date local authority and ward profiles for selected indicators can also be quickly accessed through the Summary Statistics tool on the home page.
  • Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics is the Scottish Government's on-going programme to improve the availability, consistency and accessibility of small area statistics in Scotland. It provides access to a wide range of information and statistics on health, education, poverty, unemployment, housing, population, crime and social/community issues at geographical levels including Scottish datazones, wards and local authorities.
  • Scottish Funding Council INFACT database provides statistics on Scotland's colleges that include student numbers, courses enrolled on and level of course. 
  • Scotland's Census is the dedicated site for Scotland's 2011 Census results and includes the latest statistical releases from the 2011 Census.

Monthly Statistical Publications

  • Scottish Government Labour Market Briefs contains contains details of headline national statistics on employment, unemployment, economic activity as well as claimant count information on areas and occupations most affected.
  • Scottish Government Youth Employment Summary Briefings containing labour market statistics for 16-24 year olds.

Quarterly Statistical Publications

  • Fraser of Allander Institute Economic Commentary which includes commentary on the current prospects for the Scottish economy; detailed forecasts for the Scottish economy; a review of Scottish business surveys; and an overview of the Scottish labour market.

Annual Statistical Publications

Labour Market Reports
Some useful sites for findings labour market reports include: