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Community Benefit Clauses

Community benefit clauses provide a means of achieving sustainability in public contracts. They include targeted recruitment and training, small business and social enterprise development and community engagement.

The Scottish Government has published:

Community Benefits in Public Procurement - Report

Community Benefits in Public Procurement - Guidance Note

Community Benefits - Leaflet

These provide:

  • Legal and policy context
  • Case studies
  • Outcomes and good practices and
  • A toolkit of appropriate clauses

There is now also a new guidance note  called Monitoring Community Benefits in Procurement which:

  • Provides helpful definitions of the type of outcomes that contracting authorities can expect through use of community benefit clauses
  • Links community benefits in procurement to the National Performance Framework
  • Recognises the link to Standard Industrial Classifications and Standard Occupational Classifications used in employability work

Further community benefits case studies are being developed and will be available from the Scottish Government website.

"The first question that we should ask when developing any contract specification should be: 'Can we include a community benefit clause? John Swinney, Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Sustainable Growth, March 2010