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D. Common Dataset & Definitions

Local Partners within the Workforce Plus initiative have created and agreed a Common Dataset and Definitions for employability. The main output from this work is available for download through Di. Common Data and Definitions V1.1.ppt (see adjacent). An accompanying document - Dii. Common Data Standards.xls - provides a more detailed technical definition of each of the data categories contained within Di.

The range of data categories defined (at this stage), include:

  • Client Stage
  • Client Outcomes
  • Client Groups
  • Client Benefit Groups
  • Client Perceived Barriers
  • Client Services
  • Client Background Information

It is quite possible that other data categories can be commonly defined at a later stage.

These output documents were developed through the following activities:

  • A range of local WFP partner definitions were identified based a series of local Management Information Output workshops
  • A set of suggested definitions were created as part of a series of background documents
  • A set of suggested definitions were reviewed by WFP partners
  • Draft datasets and definitions were agreed through two Common Dataset and Definitions Workshops

This work has a practical application and provides a useful starting point for any local area developing their Common Management Information System.



Finding common agreement across the areas was not easy, particularly as many of us had already invested in local definitions. We had eight client stages while the common definitions suggested four. We realised we could use both definitions.
Respondent, Area D