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L. Note on Common Assessment Approaches

A Common Assessment Approach ensures that the right level of client information is shared to best manage the client. It reduces intervention and information duplication (improving client satisfaction) and identifies the key information that needs to be shared and the information that should follow the client on their journey (some areas have developed single shared assessment forms, along these lines).       

The overall objective of a Common Assessment Approach is to provide excellent, personalised support for the individual to move them towards and into sustained employment. A Common Assessment Approach is necessary in order to match client qualities to employer needs and to ensure that the individual is progressed with each intervention. The creation of an holistic common Client Record System, such as eCare, immediately becomes more valuable when viewed alongside a Common Assessment Approach.

Although a Common Assessment Approach needs client information to properly inform the assessment practices and the management of the individual, this need not be provided through a Management Information System (although this would be desirable). It could be provided through a referral process accompanied by some level of data sharing (electronic or even hardcopy).