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MIS Action Toolkit

The Action Toolkit provides focused guidance and next steps for those thinking about or already developing employability-based management information solutions.

The toolkit consists of templates and information-based notes, approaches and next steps presented in html or office formats.

The materials within the toolkit have been developed from the combined experience of seven local authority areas. The materials are an interpretation of their journey and the 'best practice' they have developed along the way.

These materials do not purport to be exhaustive nor can they claim to offer 100% success. The decisions local areas take and the routes they follow must always be supported with local knowledge and experience. The key elements of the Action Toolkit are indicated below:

A. Published Statistics

B. Mapping Study

C. Provider Directory

D: Common Dataset and Definitions

E. Defining Management Information Outputs

F. Overview of Performance or Client Management Systems

G. Overview of an Aggregation System

H. Outline Technology Audit

J. Procure Performance / Client Management System

K. Data Sharing and Data Sharing Protocols

L. Note on Common Assessment Approaches



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Our experience from working with other WFP partner areas has been invaluable. It has helped us to learn much more quickly than we would have done and to make better decisions in this area. What we've learned can provide benefit to many other local areas. Respondent, Area C