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MIS Workshop 6 - Mapping

18th November 2009

This was the sixth and final in the series of workshops, which over the last 7 months, have focused on various aspects of Client Management Information Systems (CMIS) as part of a programme of support co-ordinated by the Scottish Government for Workforce Plus partnerships.

Rather than look at another particular aspect of MIS however, this workshop focused specifically on a closely related issue: mapping, which had consistently been identified as a common theme in previous sessions. Alongside much of the CMIS activity undertaken within partnerships, many areas have also undertaken service mapping activity, in some cases resulting in the production of a database/directory of services. This aim of this session was to examine:

  • Ways in which areas have tried to map their local services - and the pros and cons of each
  • The outcomes/products that have emerged from this activity - their format and relative usefulness
  • Overall, what have we learned that has helped local areas to improve effectiveness of service provision

The session included feedback on the findings of a short survey which had been undertaken by Matthew Crighton of the Capital City Partnership to assess the level and nature of mapping activity across partnership areas. This was followed by round table discussions and small group sessions which shared experiences and considered particular issues related to mapping.

Please see attached for the full workshop summary.