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Employability Partnership Self Assessment Tool (EPSA)

Partnership within the Employability arena encompasses a broad range of actions, behaviours and attitudes that serve to promote change, innovation, productivity, integration and an improved quality of working life in a manner that delivers mutual gains. Partnership is as much about organisational culture as it is about processes or structures. Developing effective employability partnerships often necessitates fundamental changes in mindsets, relationships and working practices. Indeed, the key to developing more effective partnership arrangements lies as much in the context, manner and spirit in which they are introduced and progressed as in the bundle of practices that are actually adopted.

To underpin this, The Scottish Government, via the National Delivery Group, has facilitated the development of an Employability Learning Network (ELN) which, among other things, helps employability partners to network with each other and to develop learning tools relating to employability.

In order for each employability partnership to function as a driver of change and innovation, there has to be a close integration of business priorities, practitioner needs and financial arrangements. This requires a partnership-style approach to become the way that business is done at all levels within the partnerships across Scotland, i.e. Board, local partnership and sub-groups.

There is no simple 'off-the-shelf' solution to measuring impact from these partnerships. Instead, members, employers, community groups and unions, with a commitment to working together through effective and meaningful dialogue, need to shape and customise their own arrangements, roles and responsibilities and actions to meet their local need. Employability partnerships have the potential to make an important contribution to achieving the goal of a dynamic, knowledge-based economy and inclusive Scottish society through its practice.

The EPSA Tool has been designed by WBS & Partners to support local partnerships develop. It is an online self-assessment which anonymously captures the member perspective of how your partnership is working now and how it is progressing. Following this data collection an Action Plan will be produced containing signposts to support for the partnerships' development and progression. Your partnership's initial, collated assessment will be used as the baseline and repeated at 6 monthly intervals to measure the development journey. The collated result of each partnership assessment is confidential to that partnership.

The EPSA Tool will also help the Scottish Government to target its resources and type of support available via the Employability Learning Network and will help us measure progress areas are making and whether elements of this can be attributed to the Employability Learning Network .