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Tackling Unemployment Toolkit

The  Tackling Unemployment Study  was commissioned by Yorkshire cities and was undertaken by CLES consulting between November 2009 and March 2010. The study provides an insight into the different approaches implemented at the local level to address higher unemployment which resulted from the recession. the study also draws on an examination of how regional and national policy has developed in the face of the recession. The evidence collated has been used to demonstrate the effective characteristics of a response.

In order to ensure that the results of the study have a practical impact, the following toolkit has been developed. The toolkit is based on addressing the key gaps in provision identified through the study, particularly as local authorities and their partners begin to work within the post recession economy. The toolkit draws upon recognised good practice from the Yorkshire and Humber region and beyond. It has developed the key issues identified in the report by focusing on the way that local authority district partners can understand the causal factors which contribute to changing patterns in unemployment.

The aim of the toolkit is to provide a framework which can be used by local authorities to support their partnership work with lead agencies such as Jobcentre Plus, alongside stakeholders at the sub-regional and regional level, to develp activities and interventions as well as reviewing exisiting policy.

The toolkit provides a guide to local authorities to ensure that they are well placed to help deliver the most effective package of overall support.

Tackling Unemployment Toolkit