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Tackling Worklessness Toolkit

How to use Outreach to Tackle Worklessness

This guide looks at how local authorities and their partners may work together, in order to reach out to those who are disengaged from the labour market. It looks at the issues involved; the role of 'outreach'; and lessons from outreach work in different places.

The guide is based on the assumption that in order to be truly successful outreach activity has to link to:

  • a sound understanding of the needs and opportunities in an area

  • good working relationships between partner organisations who share an understanding of the issues and how to address them

  • a well structured needs assessment that deals with the individual characteristics and/or family circumstances that affect a person's ability to get and keep a job

  • an effective comminsiong process that proveds support to meet individual needs, including confidence building, education and training, job search, job brokerage and in-work support.

Tackling Worklessness Toolkit