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Embedding Employability in Financial Inclusion Services

Following the development in 2011 of guidelines for employability services on embedding financial inclusion in their delivery, Glasgow City Council has now produced a set of guidelines aimed at helping Financial Inclusion Services to embed employability within their service delivery.

The guidelines are based on research carried out by the Scottish Poverty Information Unit across Financial Inclusion Services in Glasgow and outlying areas. The SPIU wrote the guidelines in partnership with Glasgow City Council departments - Financial Services and Development and Regeneration Services, Glasgow's Regeneration Agency and Glasgow Advice and Information Network providers: Money Matters, GEMAP Scotland, Scotcash and Glasgow Central CAB.

The new guidelines detail the results of the SPIU research, define employability and the employability pathway, list where employability can feature within a financial inclusion service and clarify the role of financial inclusion advisers. There is also a section on monitoring and evaluating delivery and an employability awareness session and handbook for financial inclusion staff to building their confidence and understanding of employability.

With big changes in the welfare system well under way, it is hoped that by using the guidelines, financial inclusion and employability services can develop joint working practices that will contribute to providing a more holistic experience for individuals who use their services. It is also hope that through enhanced data collection, a useful analysis of the impact of services working together can be achieved.

Glasgow City Council, GEMAP Scotland, Glasgow's Regeneration Agency and Jobcentre Plus are currently delivering the employability awareness session across financial inclusion services in Glasgow.

For more information, contact Alison McCrae at Glasgow City Council.