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Equate Scotland - Thinking of returning to work in STEM?

9 May 2017 

Are you, or anyone you know, eligible to join our Women Returners Programme or attend our FREE workshop? This is for women who are:

  • qualified or have previously worked in Science, Technology, Engineering or the Built Environment,
  • currently not working in STEM employment
  • considering how to return to work in STEM

Join our FREE workshop:

If you are thinking of returning to work in these sectors but are unsure of where to begin or feel like you do not have the confidence, we have a free workshop to take your first step back. The workshop will provide an overview of the Women Returners Programme, support you to decide what you want to do next and develop your confidence. This workshop will be run with The Open University.
9th of May in Edinburgh - REGISTER NOW!
Join our full programme (alongside the workshop):

Our Women Returners Programme supports women back into STEM through structured career development support to refresh skills and knowledge and rebuild any lost confidence from being out of the working environment. We provide a bespoke range of ongoing support services, including workshops, online learning, networking events and one-to-one career clinics. Crucially, we work with top employers to give you access to paid placements of at least 3 months to give you a flying start to your return.

To apply for our programme, complete the online registration form  on our website. Places for this programme are limited, so be quick!

To find out more or if you have questions about whether this is right for you, email our Project Officer, Lesley at


Source - Equate Scotland


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