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In Pain? Don’t Know What’s Happening?

25 August 2017 

The NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and Pain Concern are running pain education sessions.

Each session is 2 hours long.

If you have had pain for 12 weeks or more phone 0300 323 9966 or text 07548 229 953 to book your place at one of our venues across Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

Some information about the sessions

What is the Pain Education Session?

The pain education session is for anyone who has had pain for more than 12 weeks. The session will give you a better understanding of your pain to help you manage your condition more effectively in the long term.

What does it involve?
We cover the following topics:

• The science of pain
• Managing your activity
• Managing stress
• Sleep
• Managing flare-ups

How will it help me?
The session is an introduction to help you develop a way of dealing with your pain and should allow you to:

• Know more about your pain
• Learn how to better deal with stress
• Be able to enjoy life more
• Be able to do more

Who will be there?
A trainer, who has chronic pain themselves, a volunteer and a small group of patients who have long-term pain.

How long does it last?
The session is 2 hours long with a short break in the middle.

Where does it take place?
At various venues around the Greater Glasgow and Clyde area. Please call us to find your nearest venue.

Source - NHS Website

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