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Moore: expertise and collaboration critical to help tackle unemployment in Scotland

1 February 2013 

Capitalising on the knowledge and expertise of Scotland's two 2 government's, local authorities and wider society possess will significantly aid efforts to tackle unemployment in Scotland, the Secretary of State for Scotland Michael Moore said ahead of the Scottish Employability Forum.

The forum, which saw the Secretary of State share a platform with Finance Secretary John Swinney and Councillor Harry McGuigan brought together the UK Government, Scottish Government, COSLA, key stakeholders and delivery bodies with the aim of providing leadership, building consensus and providing a sustainable framework to address unemployment within the context of economic recovery in Scotland.

Speaking ahead of the forum, Mr Moore highlighted the work the UK government has undertaken to help tackle unemployment in Scotland but stressed tackling unemployment in Scotland requires a collaborative approach and is confident the employability forum will provide the means to ensure that this happens.

The Secretary of State said:

"Unemployment in Scotland is a huge concern for families and individuals across our communities.

"Through DWP, the UK government is taking significant action to get Scotland working. Every working day in Scotland, DWP conducts over 7,000 Jobcentre Advisor interviews, helping an average of over 1200 customers move into work.

"With initiatives such the Youth Contract and Work Programme, we have put in place an integrated package of personalised support, tailored at a local level providing opportunities to develop skills, confidence and experience helping young people through to the long term employed towards sustainable jobs.

"We also however recognise that we cannot tackle this issue alone. Getting people back into employment is a common goal across Scotland which goes beyond all political differences.

"There is significant knowledge and expertise across Scotland that can help tackle unemployment and it is vital we ensure this expertise is capitalised upon and all our employability programmes are mutually beneficial which will ultimately help unemployed Scots into work. I am confident that the employability forum will provide the means for this to happen."