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Report: Outcomes, not just incomes: improving Britain’s understanding and measurement of child poverty

27 February 2013 

report published by the Policy Exchange makes the case for a broader approach to measuring and tackling child poverty.

The report discusses problems with current measures and targets, suggesting that the current measure is too narrow and that that 17.5 per cent of children in the UK are classed as experiencing material deprivation but are not counted in the government's headline measure of relative income poverty. It contends that the current measure incentivises short-term policy responses, and that responsibilities between the state and households have been blurred. It also proposes a new measure of child poverty that combines measures of incomes (both absolute and relative) with both an assessment of the work capabilities of the household and a broader range of disadvantage factors that indicate the presence of social poverty. It then argues that this new measure of child poverty would provide government with levers to tackle the full extent of child poverty and drive improvement in the lives of children across the UK.

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