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Modern Apprenticeship Target Announced

11 January 2018 

More remote and rural businesses will benefit.

At least 28,000 new apprentices will be trained next year, with increased support for rural areas and key sectors.

The target for 2018/19 was announced by Minister for Employability and Training Jamie Hepburn in today's debate in the Scottish Parliament on the Scottish Government's Developing the Young Workforce agenda.

Mr Hepburn also confirmed changes to the rural supplement and increased funding for apprenticeships in key sectors. These enhancements will mitigate against the cost of service delivery in rural locations and provide additional support for training costs in key areas, such as social services.

Mr Hepburn said:

"Over the last year we have seen tremendous progress against our Developing the Young Workforce targets, hitting our headline objective of reducing youth unemployment by 40%, four years ahead of schedule.

"Despite this success, it is vital we continue to develop Scotland's young workforce to meet the emerging needs and opportunities of our employers and economy.

"That is why we are expanding the number of Modern Apprenticeship places available to 28,000 next year, meaning even more people can access a wide variety of vocational skills and training.

"By increasing access to the rural supplement, we are also ensuring rural areas don't lose out, whilst additional funding for key sectors such as social services will mean support is directed to where it is most needed.

"In 2008, we were determined to ensure this generation of young people had a bright future to look forward to. The actions we have taken, the investment we are making, and the focus we continue to apply mean that more young people are in work and have the skills and training they need to succeed in life."

Source - Scottish Government Website

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