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New Skills Plan To Grow Childcare Sector by 11,000

12 January 2018 

Skills Development Scotland (SDS) has highlighted a need for the nation's Early Learning and Childcare sector to attract a more diverse workforce to create an additional 11,000 jobs by 2020 to meet expected demand. 

SDS has worked with partners to create new national Early Learning and Childcare Skills Investment Plan (SIP) for the sector.

The plan was created with a sector-led Steering Group made up of 15 organisations including employers and partners such as Scottish Government, the Scottish Funding Council, the Scottish Social Service Council, the Care Inspectorate, the Care and Learning Alliance, Early Years Scotland and the Scottish Childminding Association.

SDS Chief Executive, Damien Yeates said: "The Skills Investment Plan recognises that the Early Learning and Childcare sector has the ability to meet growing demand for a skilled workforce.

"There are challenges to meet to ensure growth at such an ambitious level in the sector.

"The Plan identifies areas that need to be addressed, such as the lack of flexible learning opportunities; a need to attract more candidates from diverse backgrounds including males, those aged over 25 and people from minority and ethnic backgrounds and to ensure the demand is met with the creation of a high quality skilled workforce."  

Source - Skills Development Scotland Website

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