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Child Poverty Strategy for Scotland Launched

31 March 2014 

The Child Poverty Act 2010 requires Scottish Ministers to produce a Child Poverty Strategy for Scotland that is reviewed and revised every three years, and reported upon annually. Scottish Ministers published their first Child Poverty Strategy for Scotland in March 2011. This Strategy was therefore due for revision.

The Child Poverty Strategy for Scotland: Our Approach 2014-2017 was published on 10 March 2014. It continues to focus on the same key areas as the original Strategy and outlines our approach over the next 3 years to tackling the causes of poverty by addressing them early, through actions including:

  • Maximising household resources through advice on welfare and benefit changes, help to find employment and managing debt.
  • Improving children's life chances through actions on educational attainment, health and early years development.
  • Making sure children's environment is suitable through actions on housing, regeneration and community empowerment.

This approach was strongly supported in discussions with stakeholders and with the Ministerial Advisory Group on Child Poverty.

The revised Strategy also takes the approach further, through an outcomes framework that identifies key areas of activity in relation to the overall aims of maximising household resources, improving life chances and maintaining well designed, sustainable places. This work is ongoing and will be informed by discussion with the Ministerial Advisory Group and others.

You can find out more about Tackling Poverty on the Scottish Government website.

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