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Fuller Working Lives: A Partnership Approach

2 March 2017 

'Fuller Working Lives: a partnership approach' published by the DWP explains how as the population ages, employers need to draw on the skills and experience of older workers to avoid loss of labour. It also explains how working longer can improve the health and wellbeing of individuals and bring the benefits of a multi-generational workforce to businesses. It sets out a number of new recommendations directly from businesses to support older workers to remain in the workforce and to help employers retain, retrain and recruit older workers so they have fuller working lives.

Recommendations around flexible working, retraining for a new career, self-employment, volunteering and phased retirement are put forward in the policy paper.

The DWP intends to take the following actions to support older workers:

  • Empowering change through others - developing an evidence-based case for action
  • Supporting those who need more help - including women, carers, people with long-term health conditions and disabilities and black and minority ethnic groups
  • Reforming the Adult Skills system
  • Improving the Jobcentre Plus offer for older workers

The full policy paper can be found on the DWP website.

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