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DWP Youth Hub In Glasgow

13 May 2013 

The introduction of Freedom and Flexibilities now means that District Managers have more discretion and flexibility than ever before to use the resources at their disposal to best respond to the needs of individuals and the labour market in their particular communities. 

One example of this was the introduction in 2012 of a dedicated Hub for young people in Shettleston Jobcentre.  This Hub centralised services delivered to 16-24 year old customers with partner organisations - Glasgow Regeneration Agency and Skills Development Scotland. This approach tests a co-location partnership model, designed to reduce duplication of services and provide additional job-focused support from the outset of a claim to Job Seekers Allowance.

All new 16-24 year old customer claims are dealt with in the Shettleston Hub and all young people then join a customer journey, which provides a wide range of additional support and job-search tools, including a CV, interview skills and money advice.  Group sessions are run for young people in conjunction with Glasgow Regeneration Agency and Greater Easterhouse Money Advice. 

In all, more than 100 local partners have indicated that they would like to be involved with the hub, and feedback from partner organisations and young people using the Hub has been very encouraging:

"I am delighted that Prince's Trust will have a presence in the Shettleston Youth Hub, we are all too aware of the barriers that young people across Scotland face in moving into employment education or training and having a 'one stop shop' which enables young people to directly access support to enable them to break down the barriers which they are facing could prove essential in providing valuable opportunities." (Prince's Trust)

"The (Hub) partnership is particularly beneficial, this client group does not normally engage with our services. Feedback has been excellent and has provided practical solutions: - credit union memberships and improving knowledge and understanding of the clients' financial options." (Greater Easterhouse Money Advice)

"I have made previous claims to JSA but thought the help I received at the Shettleston Hub offered me much more support…. I thought the Advisers were more helpful..... I was referred to the happening event which was excellent……I have been put in touch with an employer who is giving me advice on how to find employment as a scaffolder. …. I think that being able to put people that can help customers under the one roof is a brilliant idea. I am feeling very positive about my future." (A Claimant)

Delivery of the DWP Youth Contract in Glasgow East centres around the Youth Hub described above which includes:-

  • Working in co-location with partners to coordinate services and reduce duplication aiming to move 16-24 year old customers into work as quickly as possible. In addition to key partners, we also engage with a wide variety of small partner organisations to maximise support to young people in Glasgow East.
  • A dedicated Employer Adviser & Partnership Team, based on site, focus on sourcing work experience opportunities, jobs and other work-focused opportunities suited to the needs of our young customers. Employer advisers work closely with Personal Advisers and are part of case conferencing and sharing information on a daily basis.
  • Get Britain Working measures are effectively used to move young claimants into work. An example of how the Hub approach supports Get Britain Working is a provider used on-site accommodation to recruit call centre trainees allowing 18 young customers into a sector-based work academy from a single intake.
  • A five day programme has been introduced to give detailed information on job-search skills, sourcing vacancies, promoting digital job-search methods, producing and updating CVs and will include sessions on having a strong work ethic and the benefits of being in work. This programme is delivered to all claimants in week 2 of their JSA claim.
  • The Hub has an internet area to encourage drop in and to give access to online vacancies, CV preparation etc.
  • The office has a Twitter account which is used daily to advertise local opportunities and initiatives.
  • Three open days have been held in the Hub to support Youth Contract activities. Our first event was supported by 13 partner organisations and 126 customers attended the event, the second event was supported by 18 partners and 220 customers attended. The most recent event was supported 24 partners and was attended by 187 customers.

DWP advise that lessons learned from the Shettleston model will be used to develop a similar model for all 25+ customers in Glasgow East.

For further information please contact Cathy MacPhail at cathy.macphail@dwp

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