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Blog : Exciting times for digital technologies

8 May 2017 

SDS's Claire Gillespie reflects upon a busy few weeks and the opportunities ahead in the world of digital technologies

"It's been a busy time for the digital skills team at Skills Development Scotland as we have been about at lots of events over recent weeks - from Scottish Apprenticeship week in February, the Digital Foundation Apprenticeships employers event and Technology gender conference in March, and most recently the Action on Digital Skills conference and Digital Skills Week in April.  We have had some fantastic contributions and attendance at all of these events and it has been great to get out and meet with so many of you.

These events wouldn't have been possible without our partners so thanks to everyone who made these events a success and like us recognise the importance of working together to address digital skills challenges.

Promoting opportunities in the digital world is a key aspect of our work.  We need to get more young people to consider a career in digital technologies and so we need to help make connections between education and industry.

As Derek Brown, Head of Education at of Fife Council wrote here on his blog on Foundation Apprenticeships: " I am an educationalist.  But I am most interested in jobs.  Therefore I am interested in how jobs are created.  And I am interested in talent pipelines.  And because I am interested in talent pipelines and in creating a twenty first century workforce for employers, I am most interested in providing quality learning experiences for young people."

But while we get the talent pipelines in place, we also have to do more to get girls and young women interested.  The recent report, Tackling the Technology Gender Gap Together, identified female tech role models and mentors as an important means of helping young girls to envisage a future career in the sector.  That is why I am delighted that the Digital Technologies Skills Group, in partnership with Girl Geek Scotland, has created a suite of resources, including free training webinars, to help mobilise a new wave of role models and mentors who can inspire girls to study STEM subjects and choose digital technology careers. 

At SDS we will continue to prepare to help match the talents and ambitions of our young people and the developing needs of the working world."



Source - Skills Development Scotland website

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