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Benefits for Employers

There are a huge range of benefits for businesses in employing disabled people. These include:

  • Gaining access to a wider pool of talent and skills: Overlooking someone because of their impairment or health issue, or based on projected confidence in an interview, is a missed opportunity for businesses.
  • Improved engagement:Organisations that support disabled employees benefit from improved engagement, loyalty, productivity and retention. Disabled staff are among the most loyal and engaged employees.
  • Improved wellbeing and productivity: Having a more diverse work force which includes disabled staff improves general wellbeing and productivity.
  • Creating a fair workforce: Businesses employing disabled people are leading the way to a more diverse, inclusive and fairer workforce in Scotland.
  • Avoiding additional recruitment costs: Providing early, timely support to a disabled person who may be having difficulties at work, can improve retention rates, prevent or reduce time off work, and benefit the business by avoiding additional recruitment costs and retaining that person's expertise and skills. This is especially important as the workforce becomes older and more people who become disabled later in life, due to injury or old age, are looking to stay in work.

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