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Disabled People in the Workplace

Disabled people already make an invaluable contribution to our economy, as employers, employees and as consumers. However, many disabled people find themselves facing barriers as they seek to enter, and progress within Scotland's labour market. The result is that disabled people are being denied the same access to employment as non-disabled people and employers are being denied access to potential employees.

The Scottish Government is determined to help remove these barriers, in order to benefit both disabled people, their potential employers and employees, and society in general.

The most recent employment figures in Scotland showed that 49 per cent of disabled people aged 16-64 are working compared to around 81.6 per cent of non-disabled people (APS, Jan - Dec 2019), leaving an employment gap - referred to as the Disability Employment Gap - of 32.6 percentage points. Reducing this gap, and improving disabled people's experience of employment, is a long term challenge.

Disabled people in the workplace


"I want to move forward and get a job"
(Action on Hearing Loss Scotland focus group)

"If you are working it makes you feel better rather than having to sit in a room because you have nowhere to go and no money to go out and do something"
(Capability Scotland focus group)

"I've always thought work is the important thing, it's how I was brought up, get out there and work"
(SAMH focus group)

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