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Policies and Interventions

In 2016 the Scottish Government published its Disability Delivery Plan, 'A Fairer Scotland for Disabled People', in which a commitment was made to reduce the disability gap by at least half.

No One Left Behind: Next steps for employability support (2018) also outlined actions to ensure the effective integration of employment support and services. The No One Left Behind approach is critical in all workstreams to ensure that those facing barriers to entering the labour market are suitably supported.

In 2018, the Scottish Government published  A Fairer Scotland for Disabled People: Employment Action Plan, which set out the key actions Scottish Government will take to achieve this goal. The plan covers three key themes:

  • Supporting Employers to Recruit and Retain Disabled People
  • Supporting Disabled People to Enter Employment
  • Young People and Transitions 

Within the plan we also committed to improving our own recruitment practices for disabled people, and published the  Scottish Government Recruitment and Retention Plan for disabled people in August 2019.

The first  Annual Progress Report of A Fairer Scotland for Disabled People: Employment Action Plan was published in March 2020. The Action Plan recognises that people may have more than one protected characteristic, and that this can sometimes compound disadvantage. As such, this work aligns with plans developed to support wider equality groups including the  A Fairer Scotland for Women: Gender Pay Gap Action Plan and  A Fairer Scotland for all: Race Equality Action Plan and highlight report 2017-2021. The Scottish Government also recognises that there is diversity within the disabled community, and as such further aligns with key strategies such as the  Scottish Strategy for Autism: outcomes and priorities 2018-2021 and the  Keys to Life Implementation Framework and Priorities 2019 - 2021.


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