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Embedding Financial Inclusion in Employability Services

Through funding from the Scottish Government's Employability and Tackling Poverty Team, Glasgow Works has completed a set of guidelines aimed at helping Employability Services to embed financial inclusion within their service delivery.

Based on work carried out in partnership with Glasgow City Council's Financial Inclusion Team, Glasgow's Regeneration Agency, the Scottish Poverty Information Unit, Money Matters and Greater Easterhouse Money Advice Project (GEMAP) the guidelines are based on the principles that:

  • financial inclusion advice should be an integral element of any employability activity
  • financial inclusion advice in employability should be delivered by specialist organisations and partnership arrangements form the basis for this delivery

The guidelines have sections on: what financial inclusion advice should be on offer; options for the delivery of financial inclusion advice; raising financial inclusion issues with clients and preparing employability staff. There is a financial inclusion training pack and handbook for employability staff, written by Money Matters and GEMAP and a section on monitoring and evaluating delivery which was written by the Scottish Poverty Information Unit.

It is hoped that by using the guidelines a more consistent approach to addressing financial inclusion within employability will be developed and a robust analysis of the impact of financial inclusion on employability can take place.

Glasgow Works is currently working with its ESF Priority 5 Projects to implement the guidelines and deliver the training.

For more information contact Alison McCrae at Glasgow Works on .