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Scottish Government commissioned an evidence review on Financial Capability to inform the development of a coordinated approach for policy makers in the Scottish Government.

In conjunction with the evidence review, a discussion paper was also published, seeking views from policy makers, practitioners and service planners.

Out of Work and Out of Money: How to improve support for people with money problems to obtain and sustain employment The Centre for Responsible Credit (CfRC) and Centre for Economic & Social Inclusion (Inclusion) were jointly commissioned in February 2010 by Manchester City Council to conduct research into the impact of debt and money issues on job seekers' ability to find and sustain employment.

Credit and debt in low-income families The experiences of credit and debt for families on low incomes over a twelve month period. This study by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation focuses on types of debt, triggers for debt and how people coped, over a period of 12 months. It:

  • addresses a lack of understanding of how people on low incomes manage credit and debt;
  • provides new insights into how debt is defined and experienced over time by households on low incomes; and
  • provides information for policy-makers, credit providers and advice services, to help them reduce the numbers of over-indebted people and to support those who experience financial crisis.

Review of Financial Capability Training Resources

This review by Professor McQuaid and Dr Egdell of Edinburgh Napier University looks at the training needs of practitioners working in the field of post-school financial capability support in Scotland; and the training provision available for different types of practitioners across a range of sectors.