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Outcomes Pilot Project

The Community Regeneration and Tackling Poverty Learning Network worked together with the Improvement Service to conduct a collaborative pilot project to help embed an outcomes approach to community regeneration and tackling poverty within local areas.

Applications were received from 14 community planning partnership sub groups from across the country with a focus on anti poverty and regeneration. 5 were selected depending on their need and their commitment to the pilot as well as ensuring the best mix of partnership maturity, location and size.

The project provided hands on, practical support to help the partnerships embrace outcomes over a period of 15 months. The project manager worked with each of the areas to establish their key needs and requirements and developed a tailored work plan.The ultimate aim was that the support provided to the local partnerships will help them achieve the delivery of more effective and sustainable outcomes within their local communities in the area of regeneration / tackling poverty.

The five CPPs and key areas of activity are below.

  • Dumfries and Galloway: Reviewing the "fitness for purpose" of the existing poverty/ regeneration partnership to ensure that the group make an effective contribution which is clearly focused on priority outcomes.
  • Falkirk: Reviewing and understanding the evidence base.
  • Fife: Assisting with the identification and articulation of priority outcomes for the Sustainable Communities group.
  • Midlothian: Reviewing the relevant indicators and targets to link outputs and activities to their key outcomes.
  • West Lothian: Assisting with the development of a communication and engagement strategy for the Life Stages project.

Another key objective for the pilot project was dissemination of its lessons and learning across Scotland. A range of documents were produced and four workshops took place. You can access all the documents as well as workshop presentations and activites here.

Workshop presentations and activities

  • Effectively Prioritising Key Outcomes for Poverty and Regeneration
  • Outcome focused partnership working
  • Outcomes focused working in a local context
  • Embedding outcomes in Community Regeneration and Tackling Poverty

Project learning points and briefing papers

An evaluation of the pilot project is available on the Improvement Service Website.