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Local Action to Tackle Child Poverty

Brief overview of the guide and how to get the best out of it.

Introduction to Scotland's Child Poverty Strategy, and what it means for you.

Overview of child poverty, what it involves and how local action can help

Examples of how other areas are approaching child poverty and how to move from planning to implementation.

Prompts and ideas to help you influence others in your organisation to help in the fight to tackle child poverty.

Identify the right partners you should be working with and hints and tips for engaging with your stakeholders.

Overview of how to work effectively with outcomes and how they can be used to improve the way you tackle child poverty.

Information on how child poverty is measured, where to find important data and statistics and how to put together good indicators.

Prompts, checklists and challenges to get you thinking about your own practice and how it can be made more effective.

Bank of further information and links that are useful in tackling child poverty.