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Challenges and Checklists

Checklist - strategy

Challenges and checklists

Relective Questions

Do you recognise the need to both maximise household resources and increase children's wellbeing and life chances in the fight to tackle child poverty? How can you address any gaps?

How does your organisation or community planning partnership increase the numbers of parents in good quality employment? Does it…

  • promote employment opportunities?
  • promote employability?
  • enable skills development?
  • support access to childcare?
  • help make work pay? or
  • help close the gender gap?

How does your organisation or community planning partnership increase household incomes? Does it…

  • enable financial inclusion?
  • enable financial capability?
  • support a reduction in pressure on household budgets?, or
  • seek to understand the impact of Welfare Reforms?

How does your organisation or community planning partnership improve life in the early years? Does it…

  • ensure children grow up in nurturing stable households, with good parenting and home learning environments?
  • ensure that children have more positive outcomes in the early years?
  • reduce health inequalities among children and families? or
  • ensure children and young people receive opportunities that they need to succeed, regardless of their socio-economic background?

How does your organisation or community planning partnership ensure more young people are in positive and sustained destinations? Does it…

  • Provide information, advice and guidance?
  • Work with local further and higher education centres?
  • Promote 'on the job' learning or apprenticeships
  • Promote volunteering opportunties? or
  • Provide opportunities for young people to identify and develop their skills and capacity?

How does your organisation or community planning partnership ensure families receive the support their need, when they need it, especially the most vulnerable? Does it…

  • ensure that children's services have the knowledge, skills and support they require?
  • ensure that children's workforce is involved in continuous development? or
  • have a focus on vulnerable children and families?


Checklist - delivery

Challenges and Checklists

Reflective Questions

  • Is there a good level of awareness and understanding of the importance of child poverty in your local area and with your key partners?
  • Are your partnerships working effectively to tackle child poverty using a shared language?
  • Do you and your partner agencies share a vision of what you want to achieve and a strategy in place for how to get there?
  • Can you identify the areas and budgets that contribute to child poverty and their potential impact?
  • Do you have a good understanding of where local action can help improve the lives of children experiencing poverty?
  • How are children, young people, families and communities involved in your efforts to reduce child poverty?
  • Do you have a robust monitoring and evaluation framework in place?
  • What role do you play in sharing relevant information with colleagues from other agencies e.g. between health and Children's Services?
  • Do you know what indicators are used to measure progress on child poverty in your area?
  • Do you know where to find both qualitative information about people's experiences as well as quantitative data?


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