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Poverty and Employment

Being unemployed, underemployed or in unsustainable employment has often traditionally been at the core of poverty. Recently this relationship has evolved with an increasing number of people experiencing ' in work poverty'.

The focus should not be on simply securing any job, but making sure that the job is right for the client and sustainable in the long term. It should have the assurance that it will provide enough income to support the client and their family. A Scottish Government evidence paper for the Child Poverty Strategy reported that children in working families form a significant proportion (42%) of those in relative poverty in Scotland. However, the risk of poverty for children in workless families remain far greater with current levels at 71%.

There should be a focus on providing people with the necessary skills that will enable them to move forward in employment to take full advantage of any future progression opportunities. Employment can offer a route out of poverty but only if job security, a living wage and opportunities for career progression are also available.

On this page you can view a report from an independent action learning set on the continuation of the positive work from the Working For Families (WFF) programme and its challenges for the future. You can also access the WFF programme's evaluation and scoping study.