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Workplace Equality Fund

The Workplace Equality Fund, launched on 8th February 2018, is being delivered by Impact Funding Partners (formerly Voluntary Action Fund) on behalf of the Scottish Government. The Fund was set up to address long standing barriers in the labour market so that everyone - irrespective of gender, race or disability - has the opportunity to fulfil their potential and improve Scotland's economic performance as a result.

There were in total 22 projects, involving a range of employers, that received funding through the £750,000 Workplace Equality Fund. Projects included:

  • supporting women returners into business services;
  • building flexible and agile workplaces for companies in the construction, STEM, finance, technology, and furnishing sectors;
  • improving mental health in the workplace; and
  • delivering training in leadership and boardroom governance to women in the technology sector

We encouraged applications that focused on overcoming long standing and systemic issues with recruitment practices and progression in the workplace, particularly in relation to addressing inequalities faced by minority ethnic people, women, disabled people and older workers.

We have made a commitment in the Fair Work Action Plan and Gender Pay Gap Action Plan to expand the Workplace Equality Fund going forward and hope to launch the new fund later in 2019. Through the new Fund we will now also expand our support for women and for victims of domestic abuse, and actions for helping people who are experiencing social isolation and loneliness.

We also seek to encourage businesses with innovative projects to embed fair work dimensions in the workplace.

More information about the Workplace Equality Fund can be found here.