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Employability Resource Hub – COVID-19

We would like to thank all of our employability partners for the support they are providing to individuals and organisations during this difficult period and as we face an unprecedented and fast moving challenge brought about by the Cornavirus (covid-19) pandemic. 

The UK and Scottish Governments have already announced a range of measures to minimise the impact on the economy and labour market. We want to reassure those involved in delivering employability programmes and services that the Scottish Government and its partners are working together to identify how we best respond to the specific challenges facing the employability landscape across the public, third and private sectors.  

We are committed to protecting provision and continuity of support for those individuals who use employability services across the country during this challenging period, especially when the economy begins to recover from this crisis.

Over the coming days, weeks and months, we will update this section of the website providing information on the help and support that is available to the employability sector.    

Employability Response to Coronavirus (COVID -19)

  • The Scottish Government will use the full powers available to it to minimise the negative impact of the pandemic on our economy.  We will work tirelessly to ensure organisations receive as much support as possible.  We have strengthened our assistance for businesses and third sector organisations, and continue to remain alert to inequalities in the labour market. 
  • We are bringing together key employability partners from the Scottish Government, Skills Development Scotland, Department for Work and Pensions, Local Government and the Third Sector to form the No One Left Behind - COVID-19 Response - Operational Group.  The group will work collaboratively to develop a shared understanding of the impact of the emerging health crisis on the Scottish labour market and employability system at an individual, employer and sectoral level.  
  • The group will come together for the first time during week commencing 30 March 2020 with a focus on examining existing funded programmes, considering how we can flex these to provide people and organisations with the support they need in the short and medium term.  We will share further details of the group and its work on this website.

An employability services Q&A has been produced to help answer some key questions across a variety of employability sector areas, funding and programmes and the response to COVID-19 (coronavirus). This Q&A can be found in the related media section.

A joint communication was issued on behalf of the Minister of Business, Fair Work and Skills and COSLA Spokesperson on Community and Wellbeing, on 22 April 2020 in direct response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Further information can be found here.

Fair Start Scotland - Covid 19 Response Summary - May 2020

A Scottish Government briefing has been produced which summarises the flexibilities introduced to mitigate against the impact of Covid 19 on FSS Service Providers and current and future participants. You can find a copy of this briefing in the related media section.