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Employability Covid-19 Response – Operational Group

An 'Employability - COVID-19 Response - Operational Group' has been established with representatives from key employability partners Scottish Government, Skills Development Scotland, Department for Work and Pensions, Local Government and the Third Sector. The group will work collaboratively to develop a shared understanding of the impact of the emerging health crisis on the Scottish Labour Market and the Employability System at an individual, employer and sectoral level.

The group has a focus on examining existing funded programmes and how to flex these to provide people and organisations with the support they need in the short and medium term. The group met for the first time on Wednesday 01st April, meeting minutes and terms of reference can be found in the related media section. Further information on the group and its work will be shared on this webpage.  

The Operational Group has contributed to the creation of a set of logic models, which set out our theory of change for employability as we respond to Covid-19 and move towards implementing No One Left Behind. They set out what our outcomes are in the short and medium term, and align this to the longer term outcomes of achieving the principles of No One Let Behind. A copy of the logic models can be found in the related media section.