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Partnership Action for Continuing Employment (PACE)

The Partnership Action for Continuing Employment (PACE), is the Scottish Government's initiative for responding to redundancy situations.  Through providing skills development and employability support, PACE aims to minimise the time individuals affected by redundancy are out of work.

Skills Development Scotland (SDS) leads on the delivery of PACE support on behalf of the Scottish Government, together with a number of key partners including the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and local authorities, amongst others.

Resources and materials for continuing delivery of support

Due to the current restrictions in force because of the COVID-19 pandemic, some changes have been made to ensure that PACE support is still available for any individuals who may require this.

PACE support has moved from being a face to face service to a telephone and online delivery service.

The PACE Helpline operated by SDS has been enhanced to ensure that rather than receiving a call back, callers are immediately connected to a PACE Adviser, who will provide advice directly, or will refer on to a PACE Partner, for example the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (Acas). 

Please see below for links to further PACE resources available.    

PACE Resources 

PACE Helpline - Tel:  0800 917 8000  (Mon-Fri 9-5)

PACE Website

PACE Guide

PACE Animation Film

PACE Presentation


PACE Marketing Campaign

Radio advertising will commence on all main radio stations across Scotland, as well as some smaller local stations from Monday 6 April for 2 -3 weeks.