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Aberdeen City

Area Profile 

  • Population: 228,800
  • Area: 185 square kilometres
  • Classification: Urban

The total population in Aberdeen City is expected to grow at a rate of 5.8% between 2016 and 2041, superceding the national growth rate of 5.3% for the forecast period. Be

Between April 2017 and March 2018 Aberdeen City had a total of 122,000 residents in employment. This equates to a 74.9% employment rate, which is slghtly above the national average of 74.3%. 

This data and more detailed information on topics like, Economy, Health, Housing, Crime, Safety and Education within Aberdeen City Council can be found at Aberdeen City Local Area Profile - March 2018 and Regional Skills Assesment - Aberdeen City 2017

Community Planning Partnership Aims and Structure

Aberdeen City Council, is a partner within Community Planning Aberdeen. The partnership is made up of various public sector bodies, who work together to improve outcomes for those living, working, visiting or doing business in the City. 

The five main partnership groups are:

  • Aberdeen Prospers
  • Sustainable City Group
  • Integrated Children's Services Board
  • Resillient, Included, and Supported Group
  • Digital City Group

An introduction to Community Planning Aberdeen can be viewed here

Further information relating to Community Planning Partnership, can be found at Community Planning Aberdeen .

The Local Outcome Improvement Plan is available: Local Outcome Improvement Plan - 2016-2026

Key Documents

Employability Strategies / Action Plans / Business Plans
Aberdeen Works is a Community Planning Aberdeen Forum which brings partners together to maintain a focus of employment and employment issues in Aberdeen City.

Economic Performance Report 2018

Related strategies / frameworks 
Aberdeen City - Youth Employment Activity Plan (January 2019)


NOMIS Local Authority Labour Market Profiles
The  Aberdeen City Labour Market Profile brings together data from several sources, and includes information on employment/ unemployment,  economic inactivity,  employment by occupation, qualifications, earnings by residence, out-of-work benefits and jobs (total jobs/ employee jobs). 

Skills Development Scotland  
Skills Development Scotland have prepared local labour market information and intelligence for each of the unitary authorities in Scotland that includes:

Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics (SNS)
Aberdeen City SNS Standard Area Profile covers a range of small area statistics including information on health, education, poverty, unemployment, housing, population, crime and social / community issues at the data zone level and above. The provide standard reports and more in detail reports to your own specifications.

Community Health Partnership Profile

Assurance and Improvements Plans 2012-15
Assurance and Improvement Plans  set out an assessment of performance risks for each council in Scotland.  AIPs are valuable at highlighting themes about which councils should be working to provide themselves - as well as their LAN - with assurance that risks to performance are being managed effectively. View the Aberdeen City Assurance and Improvement Plan.

Case Studies

Currently under review.

Further Info

Here you can find documents and news stories about initiatives that have taken place in the local area.


Currently being updated

Projects To be added…

Local services

Aberdeen City - Youth Employment Action Plan (January 2019)



Local Employability Lead: Angela Taylor, Aberdeen City Council

Community Justice Lead, Val Vertigans, Aberdeen City Council

Community Learning & Development Contact, Linda Clark, Aberdeen City Council 

Local Housing Services, Aberdeen City Council Housing

Local College: North East Scotland College




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